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Cold recovery

I have been using my Breg polar care wave machine now for two weeks. Just got back from my post op surgical visit and the Dr was so impressed that I had barely any swelling. He asked what had I been doing told him about the machine, he was impressed to say the least. It has helped me in my total knee replacement therapy and recovery. So glad I got this machine. Made a huge difference in my pain level.




Works great, very pleased with the purchase.

Skinny little white pad

This was so expensive. I paid over 30.00 for one piece of gauze. I cannot believe anyone would charge someone so much for so little. It would cost less than 1.00 to make.


You can easily use a piece of cloth for this purpose.

The ice machine is ok but this gauze pad is a major rip off.

Works very well!

These ice bags are great—-saves $ on ice and is much neater. The only advice for users is to make sure you seal the bag tightly before using otherwise, water leaks out.

Frozen water… what more can I say!

Nice machine. The cold along with the compression works wonders

Polar Care Wave Shoulder

Prompt shipping and delivery. Arrived in excellent condition. Haven't used unit yet as it is for an upcoming surgery. Last time I had surgery the cold pads during the night helped greatly with pain control. Expecting the same this time.

Disappointed, but hopeful

Paid for expedited shipping and received on time, however, there was no mention of the protective pads being sold completely separately. From video, we assumed there would be at least one included. So, now we’re another week from trying the machine while we wait for pad. Disappointed that wasn’t made clear; certainly would have added pad to original order.

We apologize, however the sterile dressings are not included, as these are optional. You can use whatever barrier you like, such as your clothing.

Total relief in a compact!

The Breg Polar Cube Care Unit is a godsend. The compact unit and ease of use has really made a difference in my daily routine. Not sure how I existed without it.

I don't know what I'd do without it

Currently recovering from shoulder decompression surgery and this ice machine and pad are my new best friend.

SMI Cold Compression Wraps
Sheryl Hemingway
Best icing product I have had

Stays cold
The wrap is tight for extra cold.

Shoulder pad

Works well. Easy to use. Would prefer that it adjusted the top shoulder part better near the neck

Works as expected

It works as expected. I've had one before and it eventually stopped working, so I replaced it with a new one. Added the little ice bags which work great. My only negative comment is that the " velcro" isn't as good as it should be.

I have not received this product yet

I will review once I receive the product. I have high expectations.

Great product and customer service

Ordered the Breg polar cube standard delivery and realized I needed it asap (full knee replacement). Customer service expedited for me and arrived five days early. Thanks! The product is fabulous the combination of cooling and compression is hard to beat and well needed after a long PT session. My PT has the same machine in his office.

Missing velcro

Love the equipment but Velcro was missing from the cold pac. Did not notice that they were not included.

polar cube shoulder pad

Very nice!! Used it for should replacement surgery


Stays cold a long time. Covers a lot of area

Cold theropy straps

Very pleased with the straps!
These straps were so important after my foot surgery. The straps were successful in keeping the cold on the side of my big toe and bunion surgery and the top of my for near my ankle all at the same time.

Tubing broke

Just received my Breg Polar Care Wave on 11/25 with the holidays I didn’t open till today 11/28 took out of box went to hook up tubing to pad and it was broke. I’ve reached out to support twice today and sent email have not heard back from them. Was really hoping to use this recovery from a knee replacement. As of now not very happy just wish someone would call me back.


I had a knee replacement and thought I would receive a cooler but things have changed ( my 3rd time having replacement) didn’t get a cooler my knee and shin were almost 3 times the normal size and ice packs don’t work. I ordered on a Thursday night normally it taken 5 to 7 days but after talking to the lady there and letting her know the trouble I was in as far as pain relief and swelling she said I should receive it by Monday FedEx but Sunday morning FedEx was at my door, after a couple of hours my knee was down tremendously, this company doesn’t just supply you what you need they are sympathetic to your pain and will do what it takes to help, I told my story to my physical therapist and she said she would also recommend this company to her patients, the cooler works great and really brings swelling down quickly.

Thank you 😊

Perfect fit

Plug and play. Easy order and quick ship.
Probably $10 overpriced.
But good to know it is the exact right specs.

What a relief

I bought the Cold Wave for a knee replacement, but, had to postpone surgery because of metal allergy. Meanwhile wife fell on shoulder and had to have "Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement" She says it really helps. Have two sons who also swear by it. Looking forward next year for m y knees. LOL