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Save your money, don't buy. It will NOT stick to the pad!


Works as it should and the shipping was super fast. I’m very happy.

Hip Pad Is Perfect for Hip Replacement

The hip pad has been amazing for me post-hip replacement surgery. It's a tough place to ice and the pad straps are easy to use and hold everything in place. Long deep cold therapy has been key to a quick recovery and manage swelling while working through PT. Highly recommended

A nice upgrade from my old ice machine!

Lots of help with the healing process and I love it

Excellent product!

The configuration of these bags within the Breg Polar Cube is ideal!!

Worked well after shoulder reconstruction. Fit perfectly on Breg Polar cold wave cooling unit.

Quick Service

A smooth order and delivery. All parts of process was as expected.

Did not flow well to shoulder

I purchased this but it didn’t arrive in time so I was forced to purchase an identical one from my local home medical store. When the pad was wrapped around my bicep and up over my shoulder, the cold water didn’t flow through to the shoulder area and it was super painful. My daughter helped me to remove the pad and I used just regular ice packs instead which worked much better. Definitely do not waste your money. Just use ice packs. Cheaper and more effective. Also, since I didn’t open the pad from, I requested to return the item and now have to pay for shipping and a 20% restocking fee which isn’t worth it. So I’m just gonna try to sell it all on Facebook.

Better Than Narcotics

I had rotator cuff repair last week. my doctor recommend col therapy and so did other family members. I'm glad I listened. After 3 days of use, I was off my strong meds and only on Tylonol. After 6 days and occasional use of the cold therapy, I am drug free. I still use it after Therapy to help sooth any discomfort. It has been a Godsend and I highly recommend buying one. (this was typed left handed and I took the time for my review hoping someone else would benefit)

80 year old mom loves hers

My sister and I bought this for our mom post knee replacement surgery. She loves it! We got her the ice freeze bags, too. She says it stays cold for a very long time and gives her a lot of relief. My dad plans to order a universal pad so he can use it on his back and joints once she no longer needs it. This was recommended to me by a friend that had ACL surgery. I also need joint surgery and plan on purchasing one myself! Excellent product! Easy to use. Excellent customer support. My mom needed help a couple times with set up and they easily talked her through the process and answered her follow up questions. Thank you for taking care of my mom!

Perfect Fit

Ordered a replacement pad that fit perfectly
Received very quickly with standard shipping
Our cooler gets a lot of use we love it

Great Customer Service

I lost the plug for my ice machine and I received it 2 days later. Great Customer Support!

Still the Best

This is the best cold therapy unit on the market. It gets and stays very cold and delivers cold therapy to where you need it in a hurry.

Does what was promised

does the job

Donjoy product

I'm sure it'll be good for someone that needs something like that but I ordered the wrong part

Works so well! My husband has chronic knee pain and this really helps at night.

Post surgery, when one knows that icing is part of therapy. These are the only way to go. Very convenient, less mess, easier to transport. Just a great idea!

Awesome product! I had one of these and I lost it. Found this company and bought this and it is great! I highly recommend!

The unit works well but the hose could be a little longer. Also, the hose tends to slip from the connecting device and should have a more secure connection.

Easy handling

I use it so much, because handling and ease of use is comfortable


Equipment came quickly and operates very well. Bought for wife's shoulder surgery and she loves it. Easy to operate and works very well to ease the pain from surgery and help the healing process.

Wish it covered more of my leg

While this has helped with recovery after knee surgery, it would have worked better if it was a single large rectangle that covered my leg from just above the knee to mid-shin or lower.

Great product!

Great product and great service!!


Took iceman with me to hospital, and used right after total knee replacement surgery! It is a great machine and I am so glad I purchased one. Will definitely assist in the healing process!