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    Welcome to our exclusive collection of Exos® Form II Back Bracing, where innovation meets performance, offering you unrivaled comfort and support for your back. Designed to cater to your specific needs, each product in this collection has been carefully crafted to deliver superior quality and durability. Dive into the world of advanced materials, ingenious technology, and thoughtful design as we introduce you to the pinnacle of back bracing solutions.

    Exos FORM™ II 626 Back Brace

    Step into a new realm of back support with the Exos FORM™ II 626 Back Brace. Boasting Comfortcore™ Foam Contours that adapt seamlessly to your body's movements, this top-of-the-line brace ensures an unparalleled level of patient comfort and support. With Boa® Technology allowing you to customize compression with a simple click, even those with dexterity issues can effortlessly manage their brace. The Diamond2 Grid Material enhances durability, making this brace a lasting solution for your back support needs.

    Exos FORM™ II 621 SI Joint Back Brace

    Experience relief from SI (sacroiliac) pain and lower back discomfort with the Exos FORM™ II 621 SI Joint Back Brace. This belt provides superior stabilization of the sacroiliac joint, preventing migration with its silicone grip strips. With a wraparound design for adjustable, comfortable, and controlled pressure, this brace is perfect for those enduring prolonged periods of standing or sitting. Its low-profile design, along with the Diamond2 Grid™ construct, ensures both durability and style.

    Exos® FORM™ II 631 Back Brace

    For true customization, the Exos® FORM™ II 631 Back Brace incorporates V-STX™ Material, posterior, anterior, and lordotic inserts. Its ComfortCORE™ Foam guarantees instant adjustment to your body's unique contours, while the Diamond2 Grid™ construct provides exceptional durability. With Boa® Technology and Modular Design, this brace is adaptable to varying patient body structures and allows for a smooth transition through rehabilitation and recovery. Semi-Universal Sizing and removable circumference tape ensure a precise fit.

    Exos® FORM™ II 627 Back Brace

    The Exos® FORM™ II 627 Back Brace takes comfort and adjustability to new heights. Its ComfortCORE™ Foam conforms to your body's unique contours, delivering superior comfort and support. Boa® Technology offers independent superior and inferior compression, catering to your specific needs. The adjustable belt wings make it suitable for varying patient body structures, and the modular design allows for easy transitions through rehabilitation and recovery. With semi-universal sizing and removable circumference tape, precision and convenience are guaranteed.

    Exos Wrist Undersleeve

    In addition to our remarkable back braces, we also offer the Exos Wrist Undersleeve, a comfortable elastic wrist undersleeve designed to be used with Exos and other upper extremity braces. This undersleeve enhances comfort and protects your skin from shear and moisture, ensuring that wearing the Exos Wrist Brace is not only bearable but also pleasant during the healing process. Patients who use this undersleeve swear by its ability to wick away moisture, keeping the skin and the inside of the brace clean, dry, and hygienic. Sold in pairs for your convenience.

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    Our Exos® Form II Back Bracing collection offers a diverse range of advanced solutions to cater to your specific needs. The blend of innovative materials, thoughtful design, and unmatched adjustability ensures that you receive the best in comfort and support. From superior back braces to wrist undersleeves, we are dedicated to your well-being and recovery. Discover the difference that Exos® Form II Back Bracing can make in your life – choose quality, choose comfort, and choose professional support.

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