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    3 products
    breg-r-polar-care-cube-and-glacier-sterile-dressings-breg-product-tags-supplycoldtherapy-com-1 - Supply Cold Therapy
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    Breg® Polar Care Cube & Glacier Sterile Dressings
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    Breg® Kodiak Intelli-flo Sterile Dressing Pads
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    Welcome to Supply Cold Therapy, your trusted source for high-quality cold therapy equipment to support your post-surgery recovery journey. Our Breg Sterile Dressing Collection is specially curated for individuals undergoing surgery and seeking efficient, sterile dressing solutions to enhance their cold therapy experience. These water impermeable dressings not only provide a complete barrier between the cold therapy pad and your skin but also ensure a safe and hygienic healing process. Explore our collection to find the perfect fit for your needs and experience the benefits of surgical cold therapy like never before.

    Breg Polar Care Sterile Dressing

    The Breg Polar Care Sterile Dressing is an essential addition to your surgical recovery toolkit. Designed to work seamlessly with the Breg Polar Care series, this sterile dressing is water impermeable and protects your surgical site from contamination while allowing you to benefit from the therapeutic cold therapy. Made from high-quality materials, this dressing ensures your skin remains dry and clean throughout your healing process. With its easy application and secure fit, the Breg Polar Care Sterile Dressing ensures that your cold therapy experience is as effective and comfortable as possible.

    Breg Kodiak Sterile Dressing

    The Breg Kodiak Sterile Dressing is a trusted companion for those recovering from surgery. This dressing is specifically crafted to match the Breg Kodiak cold therapy system, providing a reliable and hygienic solution for post-operative care. It creates a water impermeable barrier between the cold therapy pad and your skin, minimizing the risk of infection and ensuring optimal results. The Breg Kodiak Sterile Dressing is user-friendly, with a simple application process, and is designed to stay securely in place. By choosing this dressing, you'll experience the full benefits of surgical cold therapy without any concerns about contamination.

    The Breg Wave - No Sterile Dressing Required

    Unlike the other Breg cold therapy solutions, the Wave does not require a sterile dressing in order to provide high level cold therapy. With advanced technology, the Breg Wave is able to regulate temperature in such a way that will not damage the skin. This is how it is able to provide advanced compression cold therapy to the recovering area. 

    Make your post-surgery recovery journey as comfortable and effective as possible by exploring our Breg Sterile Dressing Collection. Experience the benefits of surgical cold therapy while safeguarding your surgical site with our range of sterile dressings and the dressing-free Breg Wave. Trust Supply Cold Therapy for all your cold therapy equipment needs and embark on a faster, more comfortable road to recovery.

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