A Physical Therapist's Guide to the DonJoy Iceman Clear3

The DonJoy Iceman Clear3 is a specialized medical device designed to provide localized cold therapy. This device is particularly useful for patients experiencing swelling and pain following surgery or injury. It is important to note that the Iceman Clear3 is a prescription-only device and should be used strictly according to the medical guidance provided by a physician.

Key Usage Instructions

  1. Power Supply Safety: Avoid using an extension cord with the Iceman Clear3 as it can disrupt the power output to the pump, potentially affecting the device's performance.

  2. Application of Cold Pads: Direct contact of the cold pads with the skin is not recommended. Always ensure there is a barrier, like a cloth or a specialized pad cover, between your skin and the cold pad to prevent any risk of skin injury.

  3. Monitoring and Moisture: Regularly check for moisture on the barrier. Moisture accumulation can lead to colder temperatures that might cause skin injuries such as tissue necrosis. If moisture is present, immediately stop using the device and consult a physician.

  4. Connection Integrity: Ensure a secure connection between the hoses by listening for a "snap" or "click". Poor connections can lead to leaks, which might cause infections and further complications.

  5. Environmental Safety: Handle the device with dry hands and avoid using it in wet locations to prevent electrical shocks. Moreover, it should not be used near flammable anesthetics due to the risk of explosion.

Safety Precautions

  • Prescription Compliance: The Iceman Clear3 must only be used if prescribed by a physician. The prescription should clearly state the duration and frequency of use. Non-compliance with these instructions can lead to serious injuries, including tissue necrosis.

  • Skin Condition Checks: It is crucial to frequently check the skin condition under the cold pad, at least every hour, for any signs of increased pain, numbness, itching, swelling, or other changes. Any abnormality should be a signal to discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice.

  • Device Sharing: This device is intended for single patient use only. Sharing the Iceman Clear3 can result in cross-contamination and serious infections.

Special Care Considerations

When prescribing the Iceman Clear3, physical therapists should exercise special caution with patients who have:

  • Arthritic conditions
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Decreased skin sensitivity or poor circulation
  • Conditions like diabetes or neuropathies

Children under the age of 12 and those with hypercoagulation disorders also require careful consideration due to their increased vulnerability to cold-related injuries.

Warranty and Support

DJO, LLC provides a warranty covering material or workmanship defects. This warranty is valid for six months from the date of purchase, and it includes repair or replacement of the unit or its accessories if needed.


The DonJoy Iceman Clear3 is an effective tool for managing pain and swelling post-surgery or injury, but it demands careful adherence to usage guidelines and safety precautions. Always consult a healthcare professional for a comprehensive understanding of how to safely use this medical device.